VIP2TR-16 IN Diamond Black

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DESCRIPTION: VIP2 16" seat Tilt in Space Reclining Transport Wheelchair --- ITEM DETAILS: The Karman Tilt-In-Space and Recliner Wheelchair uses the intelligent 0-30 reclining or 0-35 tilting with weight shifting to shift pressure and reduce bedsores. With newly designed swing in and away footrests as well as removable armrests this chair is sure to provide optimum comfort. This chair comes equipped with AEGIS permanently bonded Anti-Microbial barrier upholstery that protects from odor, staining and deterioration from bacteria, fungus and other Micro-Organisms. This lightweight tilting and reclining transport wheelchair is perfect for users who need versatility and comfort. SPECEFICATION: *Light weight folding Tilt in Space and Recliner *Detachable Height Adjustable Armrest *Weighs only 43 lbs