MVP502TP-20W IN Diamond Black

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DESCRIPTION: MVP502 20" seat Lightweight Ergonomic Reclining Transport Wheelchair --- ITEM DETAILS: Karman's reclining transport chair features a patented ergonomic/anti-sliding "V-Seat" to prevent sliding, sores and relieve overall pressure on the user's body. The reclining backrest ranges from 93° to 160°, providing a comfortable angle suited to the patient's needs, and the ergonomic armrest can be adjusted to match the reclined chair. The 3D elevating legrests are designed to allow greater micro-adjustment for up/down, left/right or inward/outward movements. Upholstered with anti-microbial AEGIS Microbe shield for sanitation and 3cm thick breathable material for superb comfort throughout the body. The chair folds compactly for easy storage and features 14" rear wheels. SPECEFICATION: *Weighs only 33 lbs *Anti bacterial cushions *Elevating legrest